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Asphalt shingles don’t get enough credit for what they can do. They fight off algae growth, they reduce heat absorption from the sun (lowering your heating & cooling bills) and are more resistant to hail & storm damage. They are also naturally fire resistant, great for areas with natural forest fires. As a bonus, some insurances will give you a discount for having these types of shingles!


Strip shingles are the most common of the asphalt shingles as they are the most basic and the original style. They are single layer, and offer a flat slate look. They are the most cost effective and usually for homes that are looking for a economical resource for their roof.

Strip Shingles


This type of shingle is the most prevalent type of things. They are created with 2 or more layers fused together for a better appearance and lasting ability. These offer an extended warranty!

Architectural Shingles


Luxury shingles, are well, luxury. They are the most expensive, but the highest quality of asphalt shingles offered by CertainTeed. They have the best durability, color and dimension. They are also the heaviest with 3 layers of asphalt shingles together.

Luxury Shingles

Feel free to take a peek at our source at their CertainTeed Website and see what options they can truly offer!

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